The P-166 & Flightsimulation

Mario Noriega has created a series of all the P-16 aircraft for (MS) Flight Simulator 2002 & 2004. Mario has been kind enough to let us make his files available on this website. Please download these and have a load of fun flying your favorite aircraft through virtual skies!

Construction Pictures
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Mario writes:
It all started around June 2002, when I was on school trip to Naples. I was in the bus when I saw two strange planes parked somewhere in an exhibition. As my friends know that I love airplanes, they asked me what these aircraft where. I found myself unable to answer them, I found myself wondering what these two aircraft, with similarities of a Piaggio PD-808 (the tail), with a strange pair of wings and a compact fuselage? I was able to see only the tails and the props.

Then, back to home in Italy, as I was working on my PD-808 model, I made a search on AVSim for "Piaggio" and found a very old model of a P-166S, and a P-166A, for Flight sim 98, converted from FS5. That was the plane I'd seen at Naples in a military scheme

My curiousity now aroused, I searched the Net and found, discovered that this little successful twin was manufactured in Genoa, only 30 minutes from the city I live in. Thus my new Project for flight sim was born!

My my PD-808 found her way into the hands of some Piaggio Engineers. They contacted me and I used the oppertunity to ask lots of questions about the P-166. This resulted in a visit to the Piaggio factory at Genoa where I was able to take several photos of parts of the plane that I did have any reference of.

I was also able to talk talk Mr. Beghi who let me go inside a P-166DL-3\APH and a P-180. Mr. Villi, the Piaggio Test Pilot, arrived at about this time from the airport after a flight with the P-166DP1 prototype, I was able to talk to him about the aircraft's behaviour

Several Screenshots of Mario's P-166's
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Should you have any comments about the aircraft or want to ask Mario anything about the aircraft, please visit the FORUM.

Download Mario's Aircraft here.
See the read-me notes for installation instructions.
Piaggio P-166 A
Piaggio P-166 B
Piaggio P-166 C
Piaggio P-166 DL3
Piaggio P-166 M
Piaggio P-166 S
Piaggio P-166 DL3/SEM
Piaggio P-166 DP-1
Flight Dynamics Update
Piaggio P-166 "No pilot patch" for the M model

The P-166 for X-Plane

Caltabiano Salvatore has made a P-166 DL-3 for use in X-Plane. Unfortunatly we have no background on the aircraft, if you are an X-Plane simmer and you feel like wrinting a review for us, please do! Caltabiano has kindly agreed to let us make the aircraft available for download from the P-166 website.

Download Caltabiano's Aircraft here.
See the read-me notes for installation instructions.
Piaggio P-166 DL-3